Shadows and light.

Shadows of Gray

Still reeling from capturing her own brother for serial murder, Mackenzie Gray is on the hunt again. This time as a private investigator, having been forced to leave the homicide division over her unorthodox methods of bringing in her twin. She will need every bit of cunning to unravel the whereabouts of a missing coed, before coming unglued herself, the physical and emotional scars from apprehending her brother threatening to undo her once and for all.

But Mackenzie can’t afford to fall apart, any more than she can afford to love Reilly Denver, the man who stole her heart – to risk dragging him into her hell.

Even as their paths twist together once again, Mackenzie fights to keep her distance, while every last cell in her body conspires against her. She wants him, but she has her secrets. Secrets that might just drive Reilly away for good.

And the blackouts continue to haunt Mackenzie’s every thought, episodes that leave her naked, awaking to a memory as blank as the cold, dark concrete she finds herself compressed against.

She realizes too late that her brother is not yet done with her, along with the fact that she has become a pawn in the young woman’s disappearance.

The dark games have only just begun.


Shadows of Gray is in final edits and configuration. Look forward to seeing it soon on Amazon.

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