Talon's Edge

  • Shadows and light.

    Shadows of Gray

    If cement is hard, life is harder – especially with a serial murderer for a brother.

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  • Female Runner

    Excerpt from Shadows of Gray

    How do you run from something, when you don’t even know what you’re running from?

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About Me

Though I always enjoyed reading, it wasn't until I started reading to my children that I began to think about writing myself.

Slowly we graduated from picture books to chapter books, my interest in writing growing with each passing year.

When I finally sat down at the computer and began to write, the words filling the screen, I knew I had found where I belong. It would take years from that point to reach where I am now, many wonderful memories and experiences filling the space along the way. My writing style sprang from those moments, each and every one.

Along the way, I managed to earn my private pilot's license, followed years later by a motorcycle license. Each new experience added layers to my life, as well as my writing.

By the time I received my Class "A" CDL for driving tractor trailer, I had amassed a lifetime of small stories that helped to carve off some of my rough edges, bringing me closer to where I had to be to fulfill my dream of becoming a published author.

Anyone who knows me well would say that I am a much calmer and happier person now than I had ever been in the past, but underneath it all still beats the heart of an Irish, Scottish, German girl. I am just more at peace with myself than I ever have been. My writing, however, reflects all the turmoil I came through to arrive where I am today.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Kelly Nomad